Thoughts on Shavuos

Shavuos is known by different names in the Torah. One of the names of this holiday is called a Day of Bikkurim. The practice of Bikkurim was bringing ...View Details

Becoming a Lighthouse

In the challenging dark times that we find ourselves in, we struggle to find the scarce resource of hope and optimism. There are so many ships at sea ...View Details

An Unprecedented Yizkor

The Yizkor prayer that is recited four times a year is usually infused meaning and emotion as we gather to recite it as a community. Unfortunately, du...View Details

Dear God: Where are You?

As the COVID pandemic wreaks havoc across the world, there is not any part of society that has not been affected. The faith community has been particu...View Details

With all the chaos and tragic news going on in the world it's easy to lose sight of the tremendous blessings that we see every single day. Let us not ...View Details

Avoid The Haman Syndrome

A person can have wealth, power, and fame. Yet if something is frustrating to him, he can get unraveled and consumed by this. It’s important to make t...View Details

Many of us are challenged in our quest to attain happiness because we experience imperfect days. Sometimes we are chained to the difficulties of the p...View Details

I am thrilled to present my first podcast to the public. This podcast will not be devoted to highlighting many of the ills of our society. That is not...View Details

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