One of the main obstacles to happiness is having our expectations unmet. Especially during the era of COVID, there are so many expectations that we ha...View Details

We all have good ideas on our to-do lists or bucket lists — but what are we willing to give up to get there? Please listen to my thoughts on this ...

Unleash Your Creativity!

Do you feel that you are becoming a victim to the routine of life? Does your professional life just feel locked in a space that's monotonous and blah?...View Details

As the 2020 presidential election has just concluded (without a declared winner as of this recording) it has come at a cost to many of us especially a...View Details

Make that Deposit!

Every relationship goes through its stress and trauma. Some relationships survive the tough times and others reach a breaking point. What allows some ...View Details

We claim we want to know the truth of why God has unleashed painful time into the world, but are are we ready to handle the truth??

God instructs Adam and Eve about their responsibilities in this world. Interestingly, He doesn’t inform them of their rights. This is a poignant messa...View Details

The final passage of the Torah contains an obituary about arguably the greatest person of all time, Moshe. In a heartbreaking narrative, Moshe dies a ...View Details

Why Are We So Unhappy?

As we celebrate the Yom Tov of Sukkos, which is known as a time for happiness, it is worth reflecting on reasons that preclude us from being happy. P...View Details

Thoughts on Shavuos

Shavuos is known by different names in the Torah. One of the names of this holiday is called a Day of Bikkurim. The practice of Bikkurim was bringing ...View Details

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